Down, Set, EAT! Preparing Your Customers for Super Bowl Parties

Get ready to strap on your party helmet and loosen up your belt buckles, it’s football time! In America, Super Bowl Sunday has become one of the largest at-home events of the year. With television and food as the focal points of the party, the menu is usually more casual as opposed to a formal sit-down dinner, allowing the food to be easily enjoyed without missing the game. This event is also a massive opportunity for food service establishments to prepare and sell increased quantities of taco dips, chicken wings, and other ready-to-serve foods!

Are Your Customers Ready for Some Football?

Are Your Customers Ready for Some Football?

Rivaled only by the other pot-luck holidays such as New Years, Thanksgiving and Christmas, Super Bowl Sunday ensures an indulgent, delectable array of greasy finger foods, dips, salads, and of course, drinks. Do your customers have everything they need to make everyone’s Super Bowl party a feast to be remembered? Huddle up team, and check the following list of popular menu items and their packaging to make sure every party is a touchdown:

  • Chicken Wings– Delicious, greasy, and available in flavors ranging from burn-your-face spicy to baby-tongue mild, chicken wings are always a crowd pleaser. Hot and ready chicken travels from store to home in Inno-Pak’s Hot-To-Go bags. Or, you might recommend heat-safe plastic packaging that doubles as a vented refrigerator package, which won’t leave chicken soggy- Anchor’s Culinary Series is as attractive as it is functional, keeping chicken wings deliciously crispy and fresh for the party.
  • Layer Dips– From taco dips to seven-layer dips, no party is complete without a place to scoop a chip. Pactiv has trays with lids ranging in size from 12-18″, serving up all parties big or small, with plenty of dip to go around. Just add chips, and they’ll be ready to party!
  • Deli Sandwiches- Fresh meats, cheeses, and anything but the kitchen sink, slathered in fattening condiments and hugged by bread or tortillas; nothing says party like a party platter! EMI Yoshi has several trays with lids for sandwiches big and small- if it fits between bread, it will fit on these trays.
  • Salads- Loosely defined, anything that’s mixed together can be called a salad- it doesn’t have to be healthy! Potato salad, pasta salad, seven-layer salad, and tuna salad are all popular and delicious side dishes as a “healthy” party option. Whatever their salad may be, your customers can serve it in Inline Plastic’s Safe-T-Fresh tamper-resistant packaging, guaranteeing that the salad travels from store to home without being fumbled.
  • Finger Foods- Mozzarella sticks, shish-ka-bobs, potato skins, onion rings, and meatballs are all popular and savory additions to any pot-luck feast. Served on site in Vintage food trays, or brought home in GenPak Harvest Packaging or Reynolds Ultra Pac containers, these salty snacks are always the favorites of any party. Don’t forget the sauces for dipping, best served in Dart portion cups with lids.
  • Fruit and Veggie Platters- There’s always someone who brings a fruit or veggie tray to a party. It’s usually the only leftovers at the end of the night when in competition with all the other goodies, but it’s still a party staple- as long as there’s dips to go along with it! EMI Yoshi has black or white compartment trays with transparent lids, featuring a portion in the center especially for dipping- ranch, dill, or sweet honey fruit dip, as long as no one double-dips, everyone will be pleased.
  • Cookies/Sweets- There always has to be a dessert. For the Super Bowl, every party needs football-shaped cookies, a football cake, or cupcakes decorated with their favorite teams colors. Inline Plastics has several sizes and shapes of clear containers with hinged lids to keep bakery fresh- and in a clear container, they’ll look so appetizing that this likely will not be an issue.
  • Drinks and Bombers- Whether watching the game at home, or in a bar with friends, drinks and football pair as well as well as tackles and touchdowns. Whether it’s soda, beer, Jello-shots or bombers, the festivities of game day require liquid refreshments. EMI Yoshi makes colorful disposable bomber cups, allowing them to match their cup to their favorite team. Celebrating everything from first down to touchdown, everyone can party down with a variety of drinking options.

You also can’t forget supplies for serving the food. Whether it’s catering ware from EMI Yoshi, color coordinated napkins and table cloths from Lapaco, or retail party plates and cups from GenPak’s PartyTime line, having everything your customers need to facilitate a successful party could make or break their SuperBowl event. Don’t drop the ball this Super Bowl party season- go for two with RJ Schinner, and be ready for some football!


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