Elkay University Provides Interactive Poly Bag Training

Elkay University Logo The Elkay University is a new web-based training program that focuses on teaching the applications where poly bags are used in order to provide DSR’s the information they need to uncover poly bag sales opportunities. This approach of “Which poly bags are used where?” and “What are they used for?” allows the training participant to seek out pertinent information needed to prepare and successfully complete a poly bag sales call.
  • Elkay University provides the most useful poly bag sales training for DSR’s
  • Easy to use – visual and just a few clicks away from useful information
  • Available 24/7
  • Comprehensive Foodservice Module available now
Elkay Plastics University

 You can access www.elkayuniversity.com with the following login credentials:

Login ID: plastics

Password: elkayplastics

The first training module in the Elkay University is now available – FOODSERVICE TRAINING. This module allows the training participant to learn which poly bags are used in different functional areas of foodservice target markets such as restaurants and commercial kitchens, bakeries, delicatessens, meat and poultry markets and grocery stores. Each of these target markets are schematically drawn to create an applications footprint where the poly bag use areas are identified. By moving the screen cursor over these areas and clicking, the relevant product categories are revealed and explained. By clicking on the product area link, the participant is taken to the Elkay website and straight to the individual items offered in that category where they may again click to have all specifications, applications, and alternative items listed.
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