Fresh Products App is Refreshingly Helpful

Fresh Products, makers of highly-effective odor control products, urinal screens, and amusingly informative videos, are proud to introduce an all-new mobile app– complete with access to product information, sell sheets, videos, and more!

More and more B2B manufacturers are understanding the importance of offering relevant information in one easy to access place, making it easier for sellers to find what they need from anywhere. Fresh Products has recognized the importance of on-the-go tools, and put together an app that will take the guesswork out of restroom refreshers.

A Must-Have Resource

Fresh Products’ app is both simple and informative.  It’s fast, streamlined, and contains all of the necessary information that a seller needs while with a customer.  To see some of the features of this app, check out the screenshots and descriptions below:

The “Products” menu takes you to high resolution images of each of their product categories. When you select a specific product, it takes you to a full description of the “Product Detail“, including the various fragrance options for that product, along with the options to view videos, or download flyers and SDS sheets (they conveniently open in Google Docs.)

Screenshot_2014-11-18-09-13-03      ⇒     Screenshot_2014-11-18-08-39-33      ⇒     Screenshot_2014-11-18-08-45-51

For information on the different fragrances available from Fresh Products, including product codes and intensity levels, simply click on the “Fragrances” menu.  The “Tools” menu has other useful information, such as access to the full product catalog and of course, the always entertaining videos. The flyers can be readily sent to customers from the app as well, saving time, and the extra steps of e-mailing it later.

Screenshot_2014-11-18-08-41-28    ⇒     Screenshot_2014-11-18-08-40-34


Ready to Download?

The role of a salesperson continues to evolve as selling technology becomes more and more sophisticated. Make sure you are never behind the times– take advantage of digital sales tools when you can, and save the paper trails! Your customers will thank you, and appreciate the insight you bring to the table.

If the Fresh Products App is something you’re interested in adding to your mobile sales arsenal, simply search for “Fresh Products” in iTunes or Google Play, or click the links below to visit the correct site for your device.

Fresh Products App – Google Play

Fresh Products App – iTunes/App Store

To learn more about Fresh Products, view and download literature here.


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