Gear up for Winter with Guardian Floor Protection

As the leaves continue to fall, it is a reminder that winter is around the corner! Now is the time to prepare for the inclement season of snow, sleet and rain on the ground. Businesses use mats to collect soils and remove moisture from feet to reduce cleaning and maintenance costs.  Another, perhaps more important reason is to reduce the potential of slips, trips and falls. With a mat system from Guardian Floor Protection by Millennium Mats, you can help mitigate the slippery floor surfaces that come along with colder temperatures.

According to the US Department of Labor, slips, trips and falls are one of the most frequently-reported injuries, accounting for nearly 25% of all reported claims a year; over 17% of all disabling occupational injuries result from falls!  Slips, trips and falls can happen anywhere in your operation, and the costs to employers and employees can be substantial! The interesting part is, most of these incidents could have been prevented!

Design your workplace to help prevent potential exposures to slips and falls.  As well as keeping your business clean and orderly, an entrance mat system is a great place to help prevent this occurrence.  Guardian Floor Protection, by Millennium Mats, suggests a Dual-Mat system at the entryway to protect other floor surfaces, help track moisture and dirt off footwear and to help prevent slips, trips and falls in the workplace.


What is the Guardian Dual-Mat System?

The Dual-Mat System is a great way to keep dirt and moisture from being tracked into your facility. This system consists of an Outdoor Mat to scrape shoes clean and an Indoor Mat to wipe shoes dry.  80% of the dust, moisture, and grime in a public building is “tracked in” from the outside. A dual mat system will keep your building safe and clean by stopping dirt, sleet, and snow at the door.

 Outdoor Mats : Part 1 of the Dual-Mat System

The recommended outdoor mat is a scraper mat that will help remove snow and mud from shoes before it is tracked into the building. Outdoor scrapper maps are designed to scrape shoes clean of heavy debris.  Constructed with 100% rubber for durability and longevity and available in multiple patterns for different levels of aggressiveness.  Outdoor scrapper mats from Guardian also trap moisture and debris in a reservoir, to prevent the mess being picked up and tracked around.

Indoor Mats : Part 2 of the Dual-Mat System

As the second mat in a dual-mat system, Carpeted water-absorbent mats, such as Guardian’s Platinum Mat, placed inside the door will then catch leftover moisture that can be tracked onto hard surface floors.  The Platimum Series Mats come in 7 different color options and are made of a durable nylon for better absorption and color fastness.  These mats are available in either a smooth backing (for hard surfaces) or a gripper backing (for carpeted surfaces).


Depending on your location, winter weather takes on different forms. From blizzards to freezing rain, there is a lot to consider.  Help prevent workplace incidents with a good system of mats, and check floor protection off your list of winter preparedness with a Dual Mat System.


For more useful information on floor mats and runners, the National Safety Council has a comprehensive brochure which can be seen by clicking here.


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