GOJO’s New Dispenser App Makes Selling a Snap

Screenshot of the GOJO Virtual Dispenser app in action.

A picture is worth a thousand words. You can describe a product to a customer all day, but every sales person knows that being able to demonstrate products or provide samples is much more effective in making a sale.  But…what if there was an app targeted towards DSRs, with the ability to show a customer how good a product would look in their business setting, without actually having to carry the product with you?

Behold– the new GOJO® Virtual Dispenser app! Showing a virtual product helps make the job easier, by requiring less product to be carried with you while giving you another tool in your arsenal to enhance your selling power!  The Virtual Dispenser App is even able to incorporate your customer’s logo into the image, allowing your customer to see what the product will actually look like in their facility.

How Does it Work?

Pull out your phone or tablet now to get started!  The GOJO® Virtual Dispenser app was built with DSRs in mind, and is available in both Google Play and ITunes.  After completing the download, you will need to print this document and cut out the target located towards the bottom of the page.  Place the target on the spot on a wall where you would like to see a GOJO® LTX dispenser.  The camera will identify the target, and superimpose a dispenser into the image on your phone’s screen.

If a customer would like to see their logo on the dispenser, simply take a downloaded image of their logo, and select the image from your photo gallery.  For more information on getting started, please watch the video tutorial:


Give it a Try, Win $25 From GOJO®


Adding a virtual dispenser to a facility has never been easier!  You can choose from any of the LTX dispensers, change the brand, and even add the soap that is visible from the outside of the dispenser.  Once you’ve completed the virtual dispenser image, save the image by tapping “Share” to send it as an email to your customer, or send it directly to GOJO®, who is offering a contest where the first 400 DSRs to download the app and send in a virtual dispenser image will qualify to win a $25 gift card.  That’s an easy way to earn $25!

For the first of its kind in the marketplace, GOJO® has taken a big step in making it easier than ever to utilize available technology to show a customer an LDX dispenser in their own environment.  Download this app today to start familiarizing yourself with it–  your customers will not only appreciate the ability to see what the dispenser will look like, but also what their logo will look like on the dispenser!

After taking the picture, be sure to send it to GOJO® for a chance to win $25!  The only thing that you stand to lose is a little battery life from your phone or tablet!

For more information on the LDX dispenser or other GOJO products, visit the GOJO Literature Page.




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