Happy World Toilet Day!

World Toilet Day has been celebrated since 2001, and according to the website, was created as an “international day of action (that) aims to break the taboo around toilets and draw attention to the global sanitation challenge.”

Such a simple invention, the toilet was put into widespread use in the late nineteenth century (although ancient civilizations such as the Romans and Egyptians used a crude type of toilet as well) and Thomas Crapper (no lie!) was one of the early makers of toilets in England. Prior to the porcelain throne, people of the western world either used outhouses, or chamberpots that were dumped into gutters on the streets when filled.

Did you realize that only one in three people around the globe today have access to a toilet? We take this basic fixture for granted in our society, but a large portion of Asia and Africa face death from Diarrhoeal diseases, the second leadingĀ  cause of death of young children in developing countries, killing more than HIV/AIDS, malaria and measles combined, and resulting in 1 death every 20 seconds. The mission of World Toilet Day is to raise awareness of this issue and incite action from people that could help developing nations achieve the dignity, privacy, and sanitary conditions that all humans deserve.

Do your part, and show your toilet a little love today. It deserves appreciation for putting up with all of our crap! Whether you’re pampering it with a good deep cleaning, or accentuating it’s assets with high quality toilet paper and blue water, RJ Schinner has a variety of products to provide your customer with all of the products that go along with owning a toilet.

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