Helping Your Customers Reduce Flu Incidences in Just 30 Seconds

Flu Map

Now in full swing, this year’s flu (H3N2) in particular has been quite severe- with a 6.2% increase in incidence over last year, as shown on the map to the left. With your customers surely looking for ways to minimize their risks, Reckitt-Benckiser has issued a brand new sell sheet for Lysol Professional products– specifically for cold and flu season! On the sell sheet are various options for antimicrobial cleaning, with a 30-second kill claim guarantee for H1N1 and H3N2, as well as 50 other microorganisms.

There are few things in life that come with a full guarantee. One guarantee we have every fall and winter is that flu season will strike. While the severity of the flu usually varies from year to year, it is nonetheless an unavoidable certainty as everyone moves indoors to escape the winter chill, giving our illnesses a supple breeding ground.

This makes the importance of indoor surface cleaning detrimental to avoiding the flu, as close contact indoors is what aids in the spread of viruses like the flu. With the typical flu lasting anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks, the thirty seconds it takes for Lysol Products to eliminate the risk is pretty impressive prevention!

Rather than making this year’s flu one for the record books, help your customers make this year’s flu one that we can forget about and move on from with the help of trusted brands such as Lysol. To download the Lysol Cold and Flu Sell Sheet, click here or follow the Literature by Vendor link above to locate a variety of resources to help guide your customers towards healthy prevention during flu season, and year round.

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