Introducing : Empress Earth Paper Straws

We are pleased to announce Empress Earth Products has expanded to include an extensive line of Paper Straws. This line is fully recyclable. An eco-friendly alternative to plastic, these un-coated, biodegradable straws will hold up well in a variety of beverages.  Ranging in size from cocktail to giant, they are available in multiple lengths and in wrapped and unwrapped options to fulfill all of your customer’s unique needs.  

Converting to biodegradable products for use in drinking straws can help promote the use of these types of products elsewhere, while keeping harmful plastics out of landfills and oceans. Switching over is a small change that can have a very large impact.

With the advent of current and pending legislation on disposables, plastic straws in particular, this line can help complete your eco-friendly bundle.  Paired with Empress Earth Bagasse plates, hinged containers and Bio-Blend cutlery, you will easily be able to stock coffee shops and restaurants.  Click here for more information on the Empress Earth line of Paper Straws or other Empress Earth Products. 

If your customers are looking for a more environmentally friendly paper line to compliment their food service offering, check out Simple Earth paper and dispensers.  The entire line is made from 100% recycled paper. More information on Green Products across all categories can be found on the “Green Products Literature Page” on the Blog by clicking here.

What are the Benefits of Paper Straws?

While the vast majority of drinking straws used today are made of a stiff plastic, other types of drinking straws are catching on in popularity, particularly glass straws and biodegradable paper drinking straws. A glass straw has the ability to be used multiple times, saving waste and the cost of replacement straws. A glass straw must be boiled or otherwise sanitized between uses, but can shatter if dropped or used improperly. Therefore, glass straws are not a practical option for restaurants and other areas of high drinking straw use.

Biodegradable straws can be purchased in bulk and are meant to be used once, then thrown away. They are available for sale wrapped and unwrapped, with cocktail straws as well, offering choices for both household and commercial use.

The difference between a biodegradable straw and a plastic straw is that instead of taking years to begin to break down like a plastic straw, leaching plastic chemicals into the environment, a biodegradable straw can break down within 180 days if subjected to the proper conditions. The straws themselves are made of paper,  which is an inexpensive and renewable product. This means that biodegradable straws are not only environmentally friendly they’re friendly to your customer’s wallet as well.

Drinking straws may seem like a small amount of plastic to be throwing away, until you think of how many are used each day. In fact, it is estimated that in the United States alone, 390 million plastic straws are used every day, and many of those straws and stirrers end up in the environment; plastic straws are the 11thmost common plastic waste found on beaches!

Just for Fun: A Brief History of the Straw

Humans have been using “drinking tubes” for over 7,000 years. Mesopotamians used straws made of reeds or gold to filter beer, and the Chinese used tubes to sip on cloudy rice wine and in South America people have been drinking yerba mate with straws long before the 1500s. In the 1800s in Europe and North America, dried wheat shafts and rye straws became popular until the invention of the paper straw in 1888 by Marvin Chester Stone.

In more recent history, the United States likely propelled the use of disposable straws. In the early 1900s, when polio and tuberculosis were rampant in the country and people became increasingly afraid of contagious disease from shared glasses, soda fountains began offering drinking straws to prevent contact with the glass.

In the mid-1950s, another boost to the straw industry occurred with the continued popularization of cars. Fast Food Restaurants revolutionized the quick meal by replacing washable glassware with low-cost, disposable packaging for meals and drinks on the go. In the 1960s,plastic straws replaced paper, shifting straws from a renewable to an oil-based, single-use product.

While a drinking straw may be something that comes to mind when you consider a fountain drink, or a drink you’d give a child, these plastic tubes are used by the thousands each day. Dentists recommend the use of drinking straws, particularly with young children to pull sugary liquids into the mouth without the risk of harm to tooth enamel. Straws are also seen as a more sanitary method of liquid consumption in circumstances where a drinking glass rim may not be perfectly clean.

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