Introducing Simple Earth Dispensers


Simple Earth adds Dispensers to enhance the brand’s line of 100% recycled paper products.

RJ Schinner is excited to announce the addition of Simple Earth Dispensers to the Simple Earth paper product line. Use these sleek, efficient dispensers to provide your customers with the same quality paper solutions you have come to expect from Simple Earth.

Simple Earth paper dispensers span the entire sustainable paper product line. House your Simple Earth products in these clean, unobtrusive dispensers to add a measure of professional efficiency to any space, and make a lasting commitment to help support the environment. Click here to view the sell sheet for Simple Earth paper dispensers.

Simple Earth Dispenser Group

Available Simple Earth Dispensers:

  • Small Roll Double Bath Tissue
  • Jumbo Single Roll Bath Tissue (9″ and 12″)
  • Twin Jumbo Roll Bath Tissue
  • Multifold Towel Dispenser
  • C-Fold Towel Dispenser
  • Harwound Towel Dispenser (Lever and Hands-Free options)
  • Centerpull Towel Dispenser


The Simple Earth Paper Line

Made entirely from recycled paper, Simple Earth bath, folded, and roll towels are an eco-friendly solution for your customers’ away-from-home needs. Each ton of recycled paper saves about 17 trees – not that we’re counting, but RJ Schinner is proud to do our part to help maintain the beauty and health of our planet’s forests for future generations.

Make the Move toward a Greener Planet with Simple Earth

Recycled paper products from Simple Earth help support the environment by reducing energy and water waste, greenhouse gas emissions, and landfill space.

Recycling paper reduces the need for landfill space, and, compared to generating pulp from trees and other plants for new paper products, making recycled paper pulp consumes about 60% less energy and water. That means the manufacturing process for Simple Earth products leaves more water in our rivers and streams, and contributes less to harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

With the shared responsibility of preserving our planet for future generations, RJ Schinner is glad to offer these environmentally friendly disposable paper solutions. Embrace the quality and sustainability of the Simple Earth brand, and let your customers know that every case of Simple Earth paper products is another step toward a greener planet.


Choose Sustainability with Simple Earth

  • Made of 100% recycled paper
    • Lower greenhouse gas emissions from manufacturing process
    • Less energy & water used in production
    • Recycled paper saves existing trees
    • Recycled paper means less waste in landfills


Check out the Simple Earth Literature Page to see the full line of quality, recycled paper products, or contact your sales or customer service representative for more info.





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