NEW! The Green Files: Episode 5 – Foodservice Foil

In the newest installment of The Green Files, Agent Philips goes undercover to check in on the Director of the Federal Bureau of Disposables. What he finds will shine a new light on Foodservice Foil.

Missed an Episode? Catch up on episodes 1 thru 4 below. Follow Agent Philips on his journey as he learns more about Sustainable Disposables.

Episode 1
Agent Philips briefs the director of the Federal Bureau of Disposables (FBD) on the pros and cons of Recyclable and Compostable disposables.

Episode 2
Agent Philips sends his boss a report from the field. All he ever wanted to know about Bagasse molded fiber disposables.

Episode 3
Agent Philips wakes up the director of the FBD (Federal Bureau of Disposables) with an urgent phone call.

Episode 4
The director of the FBD (Federal Bureau of Disposables) remembers Agent Philips’s first day at the Bureau…

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