NEW! The Green Files – (Episode 6) EPS Foam

In Episode 6 of The Green Files, Agent Marwood, director of the FBD (Federal Bureau of Disposables), tries to rest after a stressful week at the Bureau. He remains haunted by his former protégée who continues to operate outside the Bureau’s control.

Meanwhile, during a fit full night’s sleep, Marwood recalls some facts about EPS Foam, a recyclable option under certain guidelines. And in the end, receives the phone call he’s been waiting for.

Missed an Episode of The Green Files? If so, catch up on episodes 1 thru 5 below. Follow Agent Philips on his journey as he learns more about Sustainable Disposables.

Episode 1
Agent Philips briefs the director of the Federal Bureau of Disposables (FBD) on the pros and cons of Recyclable and Compostable disposables.

Episode 2
Agent Philips sends his boss a report from the field. It’s all he ever wanted to know about Bagasse molded fiber disposables.

Episode 3
Agent Philips wakes up the director of the FBD (Federal Bureau of Disposables) with an urgent phone call.

Episode 4
The director of the FBD (Federal Bureau of Disposables) remembers Agent Philips’s first day at the Bureau.

Episode 5
In disguise, Philips checks in on the Director of the FBD (Federal Bureau of Disposables) and finds him studying a new recyclable option.

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