Odorless Healthcare Facilities are Better for Visitor Experience

Cleaner smelling healthcare facilities leave visitors and patients with a better impression of the care they receive.

Visitors can gauge a facility’s effort in addressing those concerns by simply looking at the space. How a healthcare facility is maintained reflects heavily on the quality of service provided. For example, odor and cleanliness play a huge factor in how people judge a restaurant or store — so why not the same at a healthcare facility? Healthcare facilities need to lower the health risks of residents while still providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all.

Well-placed sanitizers and lack of cleaning and bad odors can reinforce a better experience for patients and visitors.

Here are some relevant best practices to observe:

  • Place hand sanitizers in all locations, especially in high-traffic areas. Hand sanitizers should be one of the first things visitors see when they walk into a room because it shows how seriously a facility takes hygiene.
  • Odor is a huge concern for visitors — and not just bad odors. The overuse of cleansers and cleansing agents can give the impression certain precautions aren’t in place to prevent accidents. This is detrimental for the facility’s image.
  • Keep public spaces free of cleaning equipment. Leaving cleaning equipment in public areas distracts visitors with clutter. You want these hidden but easily accessible when needed.

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