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Foam Cups
Café G® Stock Print Cups
Fusion® Graphically-Enhanced Insulated Cups
Graduated Foam Cup
Horizon® LX® Stock Printed Insulated Foam Cups
Horizon® Stock Print Cups
Ice Stock Print Cup
Impulse® LX® Stock Printed Foam Cups & Containers
Impulse® Stock Print Cups & Containers
Optima® Lid for Foam
RPM® Stock Print Cups
Specialty Lids
Uptown™ Stock Print Cups
ThermoGlaze® Premium Insulated Cups

Trophy® Plus™ Cups
Trophy® Plus™ Dual-Temperature Insulated Cups

Plastic Cups
Bare® by Solo® Eco-Forward® RPET Clear Cups
Conex ClearPro® & Conex ProMotions® PP Cups
Conex® Galaxy® and Party Plastic Cups
Kid’s Cups – Plastic Cup & Lid Combos
Solo® Ultra Clear™ Cups & Lids
Solo® UltraClear™ New 12oz Squat PET Cup

Paper Cups
Anthora™ Stock Print Cups
Bare® by Solo® Eco-Forward® Waxed Paper Cold Cups
Bare® by Solo® Eco-Forward® SSPLA Paper Hot Cups
DuoShield® Insulated Paper Hot Cups
Eco-Forward® PCF Paper Hot Cups
Solo® DSP Paper Cold Cups
Solo® Paper Hot Cups
ThermoGuard® Insulated Paper Cups
Optima® Fully Reclosable Paper Hot Lid
PP Traveler® Lid for Solo® Paper Hot Cups
Prima™ Clear Strawless Lid
Strawless Lid Alternatives
TraveLock® Reclosable Dome Lids

Grab and Go Packaging
Grab ‘n’ Go Clear Cup and Lid Combinations
Cup Inserts
Foam Hinged Trays
Foam Hinged Lid Containers with PERformer Perforated Hinge
Plastic Containers
Bare® by Solo® Eco-Forward® RPET Plastic Deli Containers
ClearPac® SafeSeal™ Tamper-Resistant, Tamper-Evident
ClearSeal Clear Plastic Hinged Lid Containers
Creative Carryouts – Octaview
Creative Carryouts – BoxLine
Expressions® Square Plastic Bases and Lids
ProPlanet™ by Dart
PresentaBowls Pro
SafeSeal™ Bowls
SoloServe® PET Sundae Cups
TamperGuard™ Snack Boxes –  NEW Two-Piece Tamper-Resistant, Tamper-Evident Containers! 

Paper Containers
Bare® by Solo® Eco-Forward® VS SSPLA Paper Food Containers
Solo® Double Wrapped Paper Buckets and Lids
Solo Flat Top Dome PET Plastic Lids
Solo® VS DSP Paper Food Containers
Solo® VS SSP Paper Food Containers
Solo® Grease Resistant Paper

Bare® by Solo® Eco-Forward® Bagasse
Concorde® Non-Laminated Foam Dinnerware
Dinnerware Buyer’s Guide
Impact Plastic Dinnerware
Quiet Classic® Laminated Foam Dinnerware
Silent Service® Heavy Laminated Foam Dinnerware
Solo® Paper Dinnerware

Portion Containers
Conex Complements® Polypropylene Portion Containers
Sauces, Sides, and Sweets™ Plastic Containers
Solo® Soufflés Plastic Portion Containers
Solo® Treated Paper Portion Containers
Solo® Ultra Clear™ Soufflés Portion Containers

Bonus® Light Weight Polypropylene Cutlery
Guildware® Extra Heavy Weight Polystyrene Cutlery
Impress® Heavy Weight Polystyrene Cutlery
Regal™ Medium Weight Polypropylene Cutlery
Reliance® Medium-Heavy Weight Polystyrene Cutlery
Style Select® Medium Weight Polystyrene Cutlery
Style Setter® Medium Weight Polypropylene Cutlery

Not all items are available in all locations. Contact your Sales Rep for more information.