Vendor Eco-Friendly Product Literature

Listed below are sell sheets, brochures, and catalogs for several of RJ Schinner’s growing list of Green products that will appeal to your environmentally-conscious customers.

Green Glossary – Eco-Terms defined


PrimeWare – Cold Cups & Lids
PrimeWare – Wooden Cutlery
PrimeWare – Trays
PrimeWare – Plates & Lids
PrimeWare – Bowls & Lids
PrimeWare – Portion Cups
PrimeWare – Straws
PrimeWare – Food Containers
PrimeWare – Hot Cups & Lids
PrimeWare – Hinged Lid Containers
PrimeWare – Cutlery
PrimeWare – Cup Carriers


Sell Sheets
Floor Pads
Aqua Burnishing – Ultra High Speed Burnishing Pad
Auto Scrub/UHS Cleaner – Auto Scrub Pad
Beige Carpet – Carpet Encapsulation Cleaning pad
Black Strip – Stripping Pad
Blue Cleaner – Cleaner Pad
Brown Strip – Stripping Pad
Champagne Burnishing – Ultra High Speed Burnishing Pad
CocoPad® – Polyester/coconut fiber pad
Combo Burnishing – Ultra High Speed Burnishing Pad
Flamingo™Auto Scrub – Scrub Pad
Gray Marble – Compound/Conditioning Pad
Green Scrub – Scrub Pad
HP500 Heavy Duty Strip
Image-Beige Burnishing – Ultra High Speed Burnishing Pad
Luster Lite Burnishing – Ultra High Speed Burnishing Pad
Maroon EcoPrep “EPP” – Chemical Free Finish Removal/Floor Preparation
Natural Blue Blend – Ultra High Speed Burnishing Pad
“No Matter What Color You Choose” Green Floor Pad
Porko Elite – Ultra High Speed Burnishing Pad
Porko Extreme Burnishing – Ultra High Speed Burnishing Pad
Porko Natural – Ultra High Speed Burnishing Pad
Porko Plus – Ultra High Speed Burnishing Pad
Red Buff – Buffing Pad
Remover Burnishing – Ultra High Speed Burnishing Pad
White Super Polish – Super Polish Pad
Tan Buff – Buffing Pad
Floor Mats
Aqua Dam Eco – The earth friendly entrance mat


Sell Sheets
Model 201 – Mechanical Auto-Cut Roll Towel Dispenser
Model 202 -Mechanical Auto-Cut Roll Towel Dispenser
Model 208 – Mechanical Auto-Cut Roll Towel Dispenser
Model 220 – Lever Roll Towel Dispenser
Model 234 – Electronic Hands Free Roll Towel Dispenser
Model 235 – Electronic Hands Free Roll Towel Dispenser
Model 245 – Electronic Hands Free Roll Towel Dispenser

Anchor Packaging

Sell Sheets
Gourmet Classics®
Natures Best® Roasters
Nature’s Best® – Sustainable solutions in packaging
Nature’s Best® – What’s Best for the Planet
Value Options to Replace Foam

Blaze – Chafing Dish Fuel

Sell Sheet
Blaze – Think Green – Chafing Dish Fuel

Candlelamp (Sterno Candlelamp)

Sell Sheets
CL Green Heat Flier
CL Green Heat Family
Green Commitment
Spec Sheet
Green Heat 2 Hour- Spec Sheet

Carroll Company

Sell Sheet
EnviroPatrol Flyer


Sell Sheet
Cascades Pro – Perform – It doesn’t get any greener than this
Click here to be taken to Cascades Pro Sustainability Page


Sell Sheet
Champion Sprayon® – Green World N


Claire Green Brochure

Clorox Pro

Sell Sheet
Green Works Dishwashing Liquid

Compass Minerals

Product Data Sheet
Safe Step® Pro Enviro Ice Melter
Sell Sheets
Safe Step® Pro Enviro Ice Melter
Safe Step® Pro FAQ


Product Catalog
Bare® by Solo® Eco-Forward® Single-Use Products
Consumer Products
Quality Dart Brand Alternatives for Insulated Foam Products
Plastic Cups
Bare® by Solo® Eco-Forward® RPET Clear Cups
Paper Cups
Bare® by Solo® Eco-Forward® Waxed Paper Cold Cups
Bare® by Solo® Eco-Forward® SSPLA Paper Hot Cups
Eco-Forward® PCF Paper Hot Cups
Plastic Containers
Bare® by Solo® Eco-Forward® RPET Plastic Deli Containers
ProPlanet™ by Dart
Paper Containers
Bare® by Solo® Eco-Forward® VS SSPLA Paper Food Containers
Bare® by Solo® Eco-Forward® Bagasse


Sell Sheet
Dial Basics Liquid Hand Soap Green Solutions


Sell Sheet
Nature Building A Better Future


Sell Sheet
Empress Foodservice Foil
Empress Foodservice – Recyclable Items

Empress Earth

Empress Earth Catalog
Sell Sheets
Empress Earth – Bagasse Line
Empress Earth – Bio Blend Cutlery
Empress Earth Mineral Filled Polypropylene Containers
Empress Earth – Paper Straws


Greenware Catalog
Sell Sheets
Greenware Cups and Lids
Greenware Cups and Portion Containers
Greenware On-The-Go Boxes
Greenware® Plant Fiber Blend Containers
Greenware Product Care & Handling Guide
Promotional Materials
Greenware Cling
Greenware Coaster
Greenware Poster
Greenware Sticker
Greenware Table Tent

Fresh Products

Sell Sheets
The Curve – The “Almost Anywhere” 30 Day Air Freshener
Easy Fresh – The world’s only air freshener dispenser where the cover is the air freshener
Eco-Air Clip – Freshens almost any space in 30 days.
myfresh Flyer
Non- Para Air Fresheners – Water activated air fresheners
ourfresh™ Flyer
ourfresh™ Brochure – The modern solution to metered aerosol
ourfreshe Product Flyer
ourfreshe functions flyer
Otto Fresh – 30 day care air freshener
Para Air Fresheners – Air activated air fresheners
Refresh 2.0 – The new and improved gel cup replacement
Super Sorb – Instant absorbent


Harvest® Fiber Products
Sell Sheets
Crystalline Bowls – PET Bowls
Harvest ® Paper – Compostable Paper Cups and Condiment Cups
Harvest® Pro – Environmentally Preferable Food Packaging
Foam Packaging Facts
Polystyrene Info


Sell Sheets
PURELL™ Body Fluid Spill Kit Eco-friendly – Editable
PURELL™ Body Fluid Spill Kit Eco-friendly

Graphic Packaging

Sell Sheets
Ecotainer FAQ
Paper Cup Comparison Guide
Post Consumer Recycled Fiber
The Power of Paper

Heritage Bags

Sell Sheets
BioTuf® – 100% Compostable Can Liners


Sell Sheets
Compostable CaterWrap® and Cutlery – Cater to the Environment!
Compostable Products from Hoffmaster®
EcoWave Kraft Coasters
Hoffmaster® Straws


Sell Sheets
Beer & Wine Carriers
Buckets & Lids
Crystal Clean Bread and Roll Bags
Crystal Clear Sub and Sandwich Bags
Cupcake & Muffin Rigid PET Containers
Fresh Flavor™ Bakery
Fresh Flavor™ Carry Out
InnoBox Edge™ Inserts
Innopak Visions™ Cartons
Meal Solutions Carry Out Bags
Molded Fiber Containers and Lids
Rigid Microwavable Take Out Containers
Rotisserie and Fried Chicken Bags
Soup Cups & Lids


Sell Sheets
BioStar Compostable Can Liners
Compost Bags
Compostable T-Shirt Bags
Inte-Green Compostable Bags
Reusable Non-woven Plastic Bag
Reusable Wave-Top Merchandise Bag

Kimberly Clark

Product Catalog
Green Catalog


Sell Sheets
Leed Brochure
Leader in Sustainable Hygiene
BioPreferred Alcohol Hand Sanitizers
Foaming Luxury Hand Soap
Foaming Luxury Hand Soap-Dye & Fragrance Free
Green & Clean Hand Soap
Green Seal Certified Foam or Liquid Formulas
Vanilla Essence and Spring Meadow Hand Soaps
Ultra Green Hand Soap
Walnut Scrub

Millennium Mats

Sell Sheets
Clean Step Scraper
Ecoguard Diamond
Ecoguard Eco Scraper
Eliteguard Logo Product Flyer
Eliteguard Product Flyer
Flex Step Product Flyer


Sell Sheets
Nattura Green Chemicals


Sell Sheets
Nova Can Liners, Hi-D & RePro – RJS Sell Sheet


Co-Branded Products
Sell Sheets
DubLife Product Guide
Line Cards
EcoCraft® Product Line Card
Sustainable Products Line Card

Sell Sheets
EcoCraft® Bake N’ Reuse™ Pan Liner
Eco Craft® Dubl Shield® Insulated Single Serve Bags
EcoCraft® EZ Tear Perf Bags
Eco Craft® Food Trays
EcoCraft® Eco-Flute Grease Resistant Clamshell Containers
EcoCraft® Fresh ToGo! Insulated Deli Bags
Eco Craft® Java Jacket® Sleeves
EcoCraft® Pizza Bag and Tray
Eco Craft® Single Serve Window Bags


EarthChoice Product Catalog
Foodservice/Food Packaging
earthchoice® – Dual-Color Vented Microwaveable Hinged Containers
earthchoice® – Fiber Blend Hinged Lid Containers
earthchoice® – Fiber Blend Pulpex Food Trays and Plates
earthchoice® – Fiber Blend Round and Rectangle Containers
earthchoice® – Fiber Blend Tableware
earthchoice® – Molded Fiber Round School Lunch Tray
earthchoice® – MFPP MealMaster Bowls
earthchoice® – MFPP Microwaveable Hinged Lid Container
earthchoice® – MFPP Rectangular Clear Lid Containers
earthchoice® – MFPP Smartlock® Hinged Lid Containers
earthchoice® – MFPP Base & PP Lid Small Chicken Roaster
earthchoice® – PLA Hinged Lid and Deli Containers
earthchoice® – PLA Hot Cups, Soup Cups, Lids & Sleeves
earthchoice® – RPET Hinged Lid Containers
earthchoice® PSM & RPP Cutlery
earthchoice® – RPET Square Salad Containers
earthchoice® – RPET Square Shelf Savers
earthchoice® – RPET Swirl Bowls
earthchoice® – RPET Tamper Evident & Resistant Hinged Lid Containers
earthchoice® – Pressware® Paper Tableware
earthchoice® – Versa2Go™ Microwaveable Containers
Cups, Lids, Straws
earthchoice® Compostable Straw
earthchoice® – RPET Strawless Lids
earthchoice® RPET Drink Cups, Sundae Cups and Lids
earthchoice® PLA Cold Drink and Portion Cups
EarthChoice Post Consumer Recycled Foam Cups
PLA Alternatives


Sell Sheets
Meat Tray Flyer
Products for Everyday
Oval Bowl Flyer
4 Cup Carrier
Diamond Plate Collection
PLA Lining
Portion Cups
PLA Food Containers

Resolute (Atlas)

Sell Sheets
Atlas Green Products
Green Catalog
Kitchen Paper Towel Brochure

Rochester Midland

Sell Sheets
Envirocare Sell Sheet
Green Certification Chart
Green Directory
Lower VOC’s


Sell Sheets
Compostable Napkins

Simple Earth

Simple Earth – Towel and Tissue – Master Catalog
Sell Sheets
Simple Earth – Dispensers
Simple Earth – Folded Towels
Simple Earth – Paper
Simple Earth – Roll Towels
Simple Earth – Tissue
Simple Earth – Towel and Tissue
Simple Earth – Towel and Tissue – Cross Ref. Guide

Spray Nine

Sell Sheets
Spray Nine- Earth Soap

Waddington North America

Sell Sheets
EcoSense™ Sell Sheet
EcoSense™ Cutlery

Western Plastics

Sell Sheets
Guide to Packaging Greener Products


Sell Sheets
Vio – Rethink Foam

Phade® Straw Sell Sheets
Phade® Straws Innovation in Bioplastics
Phade® Straws National Restaurant Association Foodservice Award
Phade® Straws Compostable