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 Illinois public colleges to provide free feminine hygiene products on campus 

The World of Disposable Gloves Has Changed

Easytask® Refillable Cleaning System
Easy Task Shelf Life Stability
EasyTask® GrabBox® Features and Instructions – Video

Innovative Solutions: Promoting a Clean, Safe, and Productive Environment
2019/2020 Product Catalog

RJ Schinner Co-Branded Flyer – Innovative Solutions

Airworks® Air Care Catalog
First Aid Catalog
Foodservice Catalog
Hospeco Full Line Catalog
Microfiber Catalog
Non-Woven Wiper Catalog
Personal Care Catalog
ProWorks® Glove Catalog
Safety Solutions Catalog
Sorbents Catalog
Sphergo® Catalog
Woven Catalog

Scensibles® Brochure
Sure Grip® Brochure

Sell Sheets
Airworks® SplashFree Urinal Screen
Evogen® EV1 and EV2
Evogen® EVNT3 No Touch Mentrual Care Vendor
Evogen® The Complete No-Touch Free Restroom Solutions
Evogen® No Touch Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser
Health Gards® Antimicrobial Mats
Health Gards® Lever-Action Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser
Health Gards® Toilet Seat Cleaner
Health Gards® Toilet Seat Covers and Dispensers
Microworks® Disposables
No Touch Menstrual Care No-Touch Dispensers
Saniworks Foodservice Towels
Sphergo® Pop
TaskBrand Linen Replacement
Toilet Seat Cover Solutions
Women’s Health

Menstrual Care
Universal Access
Menstrual Care Selection Guide

Gloves/Protective Wear
ProWorks® Polar Nite® Glove GL-N133F
ProWorks® Stretch Vinyl Glove GL-SV104
ProWorks® Blue Vinyl Glove GL-V144
ProWorks® Ultra Thin Nitrile Glove GL-N122F
ProWorks® GrizzlyNite Glove GL-N105F
ProWorks® Blue Nitrile Glove GL-N106F
ProWorks® Glove Racks
Proworks® N95 disposable respirators
ProWorks® Orange Nitrile Glove GL-N105ORF
ProWorks Pyramid Grip
ProWorks Poly Gloves
ProWorks FS Pyramid Grip

Airworks® Urinal Screens – AWUS
Selling the Pull One Toilet Seat Cover System
Smartblock® Non-Para
Airworks® Solid
Airworks® Lavender Cucumber
Metered Aerosols
Health Gards® Floor Mat
Airworks® 3.0 Passive Air
Discreet Seat Toilet Seat Covers
Airworks® Premier Urinal Screen
Metered Aerosols Fragrance
Kraft Waste Bags

ProWorks® Eyewash

TaskBrand® Spill Kits
TaskBrand® Spill Kits

Wipers and Wipes
All Purpose Blue Wiper N-GV040RPB
Adept Wipes Sell Sheet
TaskBrand® Meltblown Wiper
Health Gards® Disposable Cleansing Cloths
EasyTask™ Refillable Cleaning System
HSC Wiper Private Label Program
TaskBrand® PreMoistened Wipes
DuPont® Aerospace
DuPont® Sontara Wipes
TaskBrand E10
TaskBrand V30
TaskBrand V40
TaskBrand P50
TaskBrand P60
TaskBrand P70
TaskBrand P80
TaskBrand A105
TaskBrand A110
TaskBrand A115
TaskBrand Wiper Offering
TaskBrand Dusters
TaskBrand A215
SaniWorks Choice Counter Towels
SaniWorks Open Weave
SaniWorks Deluxe AntiMicrobial
SaniWorks EPS
SaniWorks Scrub
SaniWorks Bar Mop
SaniWorks EPS Full

Other Literature
eXpunge Plus
Fem Hy Universal Access
Hospeco Food Service Line Card
Hospeco Line Card
Menstrual Care Selection Guide
Murphy’s Law of Menstration
New School Rules
Scensibles® Liner Sheet

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