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Dispenser Program – Elevate the Restroom
Dispenser Program – Elevate the Restroom – Editable
Health & Wellness Catalog
Kimberly Clark & RJ Schinner – Catalog
Wiper Catalog

Lead Bundle Tools

Kleenex/Cottonelle Bundle Sell Sheet
Kleenex/Cottonelle Innovation Sell Sheet
Scott Control Bundle Sell Sheet
Scott Control Innovation Sell Sheet
Scott Essential Bundle Sell Sheet
Scott Essential Innovation Sell Sheet
Scott Pro Bundle Sell Sheet
Scott Pro Innovation Sell Sheet

Sell Sheets

ICON Dispenser Solutions – Editable
ICON End User Presentation
ICON HRT – Sell Sheet
ICON Recessed HRT – Sell Sheet
ICON Skin Care – Sell Sheet
ICON SRB – Sell Sheet

Kimtech™ N95 Pouch Respirator Sell Sheet – Editable
Kleenex Facial Tissue – Lodging Sell Sheet
Scott Choose-A-Sheet Paper Towels – Sell Sheet
Scott Control Solutions
Scottfold Folded Towels – Sell Sheet
Scott Essential Electronic Dispenser Innovation
Scott Essential Solutions
Scott Essential Hard Roll Towel System – Sell Sheet
Scott MOD Slimroll – Healthcare Sell Sheet
Scott Pro Electric Hard Roll Towel System
Scott Pro Paper Core Innovation
Scott Pro Solutions
Scott Small Core – Editable Sell Sheet
Scott Standard Roll Bath Tissue – Sell Sheet
Scott Universal Bath Tissue – Editable Sell Sheet
Slimfold Towel System – Sell Sheet


Dispenser Lifetime Warranty – FAQs
Kleenex Reveal Countertop Dispenser – Sell Sheet
Mod High Capacity SRB Dispensing System – Sell Sheet
Scott Control Slimroll Electronic Dispenser


Kimtech Wettask – Sell Sheet
Wiper Solutions for Supermarkets
WypAll vs. Rags – Brochure
WypAll Waterless Wipes – Sell Sheet
WypAll x 60 – Sell Sheet

Sales Rep Tools

Best Brands FAQs
Best Brands Overview Flyer
Best Brands Silver Scott Essential Bundle
Cleaning Chemical Compatibility Chart
DSR KCP Innovation Presentation
Germ Hot Spots (Health Care)
Germ Hot Spots (Office Building)
Germ Hot Spots (Grocery, Retail, Food Service)
Hand and Surface Cleaning FAQ’s
KCP Advantage Rewards Best Brands Promotion
KCP Advantage How to Guide
KCP Advantage Sell Sheet
Kimtech™ N95 Pouch Respirator Frequently Asked Questions
Scott Pro Electric HRT Dispensing System – Distributor Deck
Scott Pro Electric HRT Dispensing System – End-User Launch Deck

Technical Overviews

HRT Technical Overview
Narrow Recessed HRT
Recessed HRT
Recessed with Trim HRT
Skin Care

Informational Videos

Custom Faceplate Video

ICON Technology Video