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Kutol/RJ Schinner Literature
Update from Kutol: RJ Schinner Cheat Sheet
Pre-Approval for Selling Kutol Products
RJ request to sell Kutol Brand Foam – 1-19 – Download

Product Catalogs
Kutol Product Catalog
2021 Kutol Sales Meeting Rep Discussion Sheet

Product Literature
Kutol Pro Industrial Hand Care Program
Hand Hygiene Guide for Industrial Environments
Hand Hygiene Guide for Food Service
Soaps, Sanitizers, and Dispensers – For all of your commercial skin care needs

Health Guard®
62% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Gel
550 Pink Pearled Lotion
All Purpose Foaming Skin Cleaner
Antiseptic Lotion Soap JOB Antiseptic Lotion Soap
Clean Shape® Pump Bottles
E2 Antibacterial Hand Soap
Enriched Lotion Soap
Foaming 62% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer
Foaming 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer
Foaming Advanced Antibacterial Hand Soap
Foaming E2 Sanitizing Hand Soap
Foaming Enriched Moisture Wash
Foaming NO Alcohol Hand Sanitizer
Foaming Ultra Green Hand Soap
Fragrance Free Dye Free Lotion Soap
Gentle Green
Hair and Body Shampoo
Hand & Body Moisturizing Lotion
Health Guard® Hand Hygiene Station
Liquid E2 Sanitizing Hand Soap
Lotion Velvet Hand Soap
Pink Lotion Skin Cleaner (Transparent)
Pink Lotion Skin Cleaner

Kutol® Pro
Heavy Duty Hand Wipes
Orange-Scrub Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner
Red Blast Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner
Regal Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner
Super Scrub Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner
Sock-It® Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner

Health Guard®
Designer Series Dispenser Brochure
E2 Sanitizing Hand Soaps Sell Sheet
EZ Foam® Counter Mount Dispenser Brochure
Food Safety Hand Hygiene Brochure
Hand Sanitizers Foaming and Gel
Pre-K through 5th Grade Hand Hygiene Program

Green Literature
LEED® brochure

Health Guard®
Foam Luxury Hand Soap Dye & Fragrance Free
Foam Luxury Hand Soap
Foaming Ultra Green Hand Soap
Foaming Vanilla Essence Hand Soap
Green & Clean Hand Soap
Green Seal® Certified Hand Soaps Flyer
Leader in Sustainable Hygiene

Kutol@ Pro
Walnut Scrub Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner

Kutol® Brand Dispenser Literature

Health Guard®
Designer Series No Touch Dispenser Brochure
EZ Foam® 1000ml Manual Dispensing System
EZ Foam® 1000ml No Touch Dispensing System
Counter Top Hand Hygiene Stand
Hand Hygiene DS Dispenser Floor Stand
Kutol Designer Series vs Competition

Video Library

The 30 Second Sink Battle: Kutol® Pro’s Orange Scrub Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner knocks out another heavy-duty hand cleaner in a side-by-side, hand-to-hand demonstration.

Not all items are available in all locations. Please contact your sales rep for more information.