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EarthChoice Product Catalog
Catering Products
earthchoice® – Sustainable Products Guide
EPS Ban Compliant
Foam Ban – Compliant Food Packaging
PS Ban Compliant
Supermarket Packaging

Pactiv evergreen
2-Piece Showcase® Deli Containers – Great for Take-Out
Clear Lids Containers – Great for Take-Out
Deli Containers – Great for Supermarkets
Dine-In Disposables – Great for Dine-In
Foam School Lunch Tray
Newspring Packaging – Great for Take-Out
School Lunch Tray Alternatives
The OneBox® – Great for Take-Out
Wrapped 1-Piece Cutlery Sanitary Solutions – Perfect for Dine-In and To-Go

Aluminum Foil and Foodservice Film
American Restaurant Delivery Packaging Choices
Asian Restaurant Delivery Packaging Choices
Coffee Cafe
Cutlery – Polypropylene, Polystyrene, Plastarch material, Recycled Polypropylene
Delivery – Food Delivery Traffic is up 33% and continues to grow!
Grab ‘N’ Go
Italian Restaurant Delivery Packaging Choices
One Source for all Convenience Store Packaging Needs
One Stop for all your Take Out and Delivery Packaging Needs
Packaging Solutions for Every School Setting!
Straws Stocked and Specialty
Wrapped Cutlery

Pactiv Product/Material Temperature Chart
PLA Alternatives
School Lunch Tray Alternatives

Aluminum Foil Take Out Containers
Aluminum Steam Table Pans
Classic Carryout Container

Foodservice/Food Packaging
4,6, and 12 Count SmartLock Cupcake and Muffin Hingeware
APET 7″ Round Tubs
APET SmartLock Caterware Domes
APET Cake Packaging
APET Colossal Cupcake Container
APET Confectionary
APET Hinged Lid Container
APET Pie Packaging
APET SmartLock® Bakery Hingeware
APET Tall Mini-Cake Container
APET – YCASH3011UCH – Hinged Lid Container
Bakery Packaging
Bakery and Confectionary Packaging
Blueberry Packaging
Classic Carry-Out Containers
Clear Advantage® Premium Cupcake Packaging
Clear Advantage® SmartLock® Hingeware
CPET – Ultralite Bakeables®
earthchoice® – Dual-Color Vented Microwaveable Hinged Containers
earthchoice® – Fiber Blend Hinged Lid Containers
earthchoice® – Fiber Blend Pulpex Food Trays and Plates
earthchoice® – Fiber Blend Round and Rectangle Containers
earthchoice® – Fiber Blend Tableware
earthchoice® – Molded Fiber Round School Lunch Tray
earthchoice® – MFPP MealMaster Bowls
earthchoice® – MFPP Microwaveable Hinged Lid Container
earthchoice® – MFPP Rectangular Clear Lid Containers
earthchoice® – MFPP Smartlock® Hinged Lid Containers
earthchoice® – MFPP Base & PP Lid Small Chicken Roaster
earthchoice® – PLA Hinged Lid and Deli Containers
earthchoice® – PLA Hot Cups, Soup Cups, Lids & Sleeves
earthchoice® – RPET Hinged Lid Containers
earthchoice® – RPET Square Salad Containers
earthchoice® – RPET Square Shelf Savers
earthchoice® – RPET Swirl Bowls
earthchoice® – RPET Tamper Evident & Resistant Hinged Lid Containers
earthchoice® – Versa2Go™ Microwaveable Containers
Extra Large Hoagie
Fresh Produce Packaging
Hoagie and Sandwich Containers
Microwaveable Plates & Lids
Paper Deli Containers
Paper Food Trays, Barns and Boxes
Parfait Cups
Reynolds® Flip ‘n Stack™
Rigid Barrier and Non-Barrier Trays
RPET 12 Count Donut Container
RPET Single Cupcake Bakery Container
RPET Square and Round Deli Containers, Lids & Bases
SmartLock® Caterware®
Strawberry Packaging
Ultra-Pac Octagons
Ultra-Pac Sho-Bowls

earthchoice® PSM & RPP Cutlery
Wrapped Cutlery
Wrapped 1-Piece Cutlery Sanitary Solutions – Perfect for Dine-In and To-Go

Cups, Lids, Carriers and Straws
Advance Car Cups
Beverage Carriers and Carry Out Trays
earthchoice® Compostable Straws
earthchoice® – RPET Strawless Lids
earthchoice® RPET Drink Cups, Sundae Cups and Lids
earthchoice® PLA Cold Drink and Portion Cups
PET Cups & Lids
Portion Cups & Lids
PP Drink Cups & Lids
Soup Cups and Lids
Translucent Drink Cups
Wrapped Straws

Foam Products
ActiveTech Case Ready Packaging System
EarthChoice Post Consumer Recycled Foam Cups
Extra Large Hoagie
Foam Carry Trays
Foam Hinged Lid Containers
Improved Conventional Foam Hinged Lid Containers
Placesetter Disposable Tableware
Polystyrene Fact Sheet
School Lunch Trays
SmartLock Vented Foam Hinged Containers
Supermarket and Processor Foam Trays

Molded Fiber Products
Egg Packaging Products
Molded Fiber Products

Newspring Products
Asian Newspring Packaging
Hispanic Newspring Packaging
Italian Newspring Packaging

Absorbent Pad and Case Liner
Absorbent Pads and Case Liners

OPS Products
ClearView Bakery
ClearView® MealMaster® Chicken Barns
ClearView Hinged Lid Containers
ClearView SmartLock Dual Color & Clear Containers
ClearView SmartLock Hotdog Container
The Garden Party Produce Packaging
ClearView SmartLock Hinged Bakery Container
MealMaster® Rib Containers
Showcase Deli Packaging
Sensation Smartlock Clear Hinged Lids

Polypropylene Products Literature
ClearView MealMaster Tamper Evident Medium Chicken Roaster
Sealfresh Case Ready Barrier Trays
Waveware Recyclable Plates & Lids

Pressware® Products
earthchoice® – Pressware® Paper Tableware
Pressware® Pizza Packaging Solutions
Pressware® Dual Ovenable Paperboard Trays
Pressware® Pizza Trays

Reynolon® Products
Aseptic Packaging
Contract Packaging
Food & Beverage Packaging
Meat & Produce Packaging
Printing and Publishing Packaging
Textile Packaging

Fiber Blend School Lunch Trays and Serving Trays
Packaging Solutions for Every School Setting!
RPET School Lunch Trays
School Lunch Trays and Carry Trays