Swabbing the Deck on “National Talk Like a Pirate Day”

Ahoy me Hearties! All hands on deck, it be the annual celebration of talkin’ like pirates! Aye, there be a mighty wind blowin’, so batten down the hatches and raise the sails as we take you on an adventure aboard the S.S. aaarRJ Schinner!

Avast, whether ye be swabbing the deck or hoisting the jolly roger, today’s the day to let out your inner Blackbeard, so drop those doubloons and slap on your eye-patch– or be prepared to walk the plank!

When pirates swab the deck, it be with old mops and dirty water, but shiver me timbers, it didn’t always end up shipshape. If the Captain be watchin’ ye from the crow’s nest, you best be on the straight and narrow, lest ye be feedin’ the sharks in Davy Jones’ Locker! Yarr, for proper deck swabbin’ that saves ye time and booty, follow these tips below from MyCleanLink.com and you’ll be able to weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen much quicker, ay.

  1. Flip your mop over often to expose a clean side. If you use only one side you will have to rinse it more, wasting time.
  2. Before you mop your floor be sure to vacuum or sweep it first. Remove soil when it is dry before it turns into sticky mud.
  3. Use the correct amount of cleaning fluid. It is false economy to use too little. If you do  it will not work as quickly. if you use too much you will leave a residue on the floor making it get dirty quicker.
  4. Make at least two passes over each area. On your first pass you will wet the floor with cleaner. Give the cleaner time to work and then remove the soil on your second pass.
  5. Rinse your mop often to keep from spreading dirt around. If your floor is very soiled you may need to dump your mop water one or two times.

Blow me down, these easy tips are sure to bring that deck to a nice gleamin’ shine that’s almost as bright as the gold in your bounty. For all yer mopping needs, from buckets to cleaners, visit the (aaar)RJ Schinner website, where you’ll get more booty without being hornswaggled. Now Heave Ho and get to mopping!


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