Think Green for Earth Day

First started in 1970, Earth Day is now a global event celebrated April 22, to support environmental protection. According to Earth Day Network, more than 1 billion people are involved in Earth Day activities, making it “the largest secular civic event in the world.” reports that 48% of consumers are willing to or would definitely or probably change their consumption habits to reduce their impact on the environment. With these changing consumer views there is a growing demand for sustainable and recyclable options.

Simple Earth offers a line of paper products made entirely of recycled paper. Because Simple Earth uses recycled paper it conserves natural resources, saves energy and keeps landfill space free for other types of trash. Using recycled paper also preserves trees and forests, because every ton of recycled paper saves about 17 trees.

Simple Earth Offers:

  • Small Roll Bath Tissue
  • Jumbo Roll Bath Tissue
  • Multifold Towels
  • Singlefold Towels
  • C-Fold Towels
  • Kitchen Roll Towels
  • Hardwound Towels
  • C-Pull Towels
  • As well a dispensers

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Empress Earth Bagasse Products utilize sugarcane, a renewable waste product from sugar production, to make a wide variety of sustainable products. Bagasse products are pressed in a high-heat, high-pressure process. They are heat tolerant and can even be put in the microwave or freezer.

Empress Earth Bagasse Offers:

  • Bowls
  • Plates
  • Clam Shells
  • Platters
  • Trays

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Empress Earth also offers a line of paper straws. Empress Earth Paper Straws are fully recyclable and biodegradable. They range from cocktail to giant size and are available in multiple popular lengths.

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Check out the videos below to learn more about Simple Earth and Empress Earth Products.

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