Time is Almost Up for Q2 Incentives!

Money MattersOn June 30th, the following quarterly incentives will be ending, meaning it’s time for wrapping up any last minute sales to qualify for redemption! Each listing below has the accompanying rebate coupons attached for your convenience. Open the link, download the PDF, and be sure to mail in the coupons with your invoices by the appropriate date. With hundreds of dollars of incentive money up for grabs, make those last minute sales and be sure to send your coupons in on time! Here is a recap of rebate and incentive offers ending June 30th:

  • Duracell/Procell– The popular gift card offer is being repeated, with customers (distributors and end-users) qualifying for a $10, $25, or $50 gift card with a minimum $50 purchase before June 30. With over 40% of end users buying their batteries from retailers, this is a great incentive to earn market share with a trusted brand!
  • Colgate-Palmolive Profit Builder– When distributors buy at least ten cases of Ajax, Palmolive, SoftSoap, Muprhy’s Oil Soap, Suavitel, or Fabuloso they earn $1.50 rebate per case! Buy four or more of these brands and it increases to $3.00 per case! The potential for rebates can be as much as $2500, so the more products you sell, the  higher the rebate you earn!
  • P&G Distributor Rebates – Buy 100 cases or more of select SKU’s including Bounty, Charmin, Dawn, and Comet varieties (among others), and earn up to $1.oo rebate per case! Some of America’s most-loved brands just became a lot easier to sell.
  • P&G BizSaver Rebates – This enticing offer for End Users pays up to $5.00/case in rebates with a 2 SKU minimum purchase. This offer could equal up to $300 in savings for your customers, or up to 12,000 Foodservice Rewards points! Also valid on products that include Bounty, Charmin, Dawn and Comet varieties among others, this offer means big savings for you as well, as any sales of these products will qualify you for the P&G Distributor Rebates.
  • P&G Swiffer RebatesCustomers will receive a $25 rebate on Swiffer Starter Packs when purchased with 3 Swiffer Refill Packs! Available up to $300, easier dusting just became a no-brainer.
  • Reckitt Distributor Rebates – Distributors can earn up to $500 on popular Spring Cleaning products such as Lysol, Easy-Off and Resolve! With rebates of up to $3.00/case, and an easily met $20 minimum rebate, this promotion is a clean sweep.
  • Reckitt DSR RebatesSimilar to the offer for Distributors, DSR’s get rewarded in addition to the rebates given on sales of Lysol, Easy-Off, Resolve, Finish and Air Wick! With the possibility of earning up to $200, DSRs simply mail the rebate form along with a copy of velocity reports to earn their bonus.
  • Reckitt End User Rebates It’s certainly easier for a DSR to sell more product when the End User gets rewarded as well! With only a $20 minimum rebate, your customers can earn as much as $300 in rebates on Lysol, and Reckitt’s other great brands- in turn, qualifying both the DSR and the Distributor for better rebates as well! Everyone wins!

Be sure to take advantage of these great rebates and incentives, before time runs out! Read the fine print- some manufacturers require the rebate coupons and invoices to be sent in before July 15th, so act fast! Watch for the 3rd Quarter rebates to be posted next week, with more opportunities for bonus cash!

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