Top 10 Traits of an Elite Salesperson

What are the top ten traits of an elite salesperson?  Read the countdown below by Mike Mirarchi, Manager of Sales Training for RJ Schinner, to find out!


#10 Be Yourself

The biggest lesson I learned from my mentor was that I couldn’t sell like him!  When I read books and went to training early in my career, I was often frustrated that I couldn’t sell like an expert.  I would try, but after a while, I would go back to what worked for me.  Then I realized that if I could incorporate just one or two things that I learned along the way, it would be effective, and it helped me.  The key is to be yourself and sell the way that works best for you!


#9 Be Curious

Successful salespeople are genuinely curious about their customers and how to help them. They ask a lot of questions and understand the customer’s needs before offering a solution. They listen much more than they talk. Business owner and trainer Bill Allen said, “The more interested you are, the more interesting you will be.” If you are focused on the customer and his or her needs, you will be ahead of the pack.



#8 Be Present

Today’s salesperson is required to be a masterful multitasker. When top salespeople are with a customer, they are fully present and completely focused on the meeting. They have the ability to compartmentalize and keep the customer as their focus. These salespeople aren’t looking at their phones or, worse yet, taking phone calls during a meeting. If this sounds like you, turn off your cell phone or leave it in your car before making a sales call.



#7 Be Consistent

Top salespeople do what they say and say what they do consistently. They can be counted on to follow through, return phone calls promptly, and show up to meetings on time. The bottom line is that they are reliable.



#6 Be Likeable

Top salespeople embrace their roles. They act, dress, and present themselves in a professional manner. They don’t do anything to create a negative impression, such as wearing strong perfume or cologne, showing bling, exposing tattoos, and the like. You never know what will turn off a customer, and the most successful salespeople do everything they can to create a positive impression. They are likable and fun to be around.



#5 Be Positive

We all have personal problems, trials and issues. Top salespeople keep their problems to themselves; they do not share them with their customers. No matter how much it seems that your customers are interested in your problems, they are not. No matter how badly your day is going, don’t bog down your customer with your troubles. They have problems of their own and your goal is to brighten their day, not make it worse.



#4 Be Respectful

Top salespeople are always respectful of their customers’ time. They make appointments, arrive promptly for them, and end meetings when they are over. They never overstay their welcome. Never assume that a customer has time to talk with you or engage you in a meeting unless you ask for permission.



#3 Be Persistent

Persistence is a top trait of all top salespeople. They have the ability to accept rejection and not take it personally while continuing to move toward their goals. It’s one thing to have goals, but it’s another to relentlessly pursue them. Top salespeople are tenacious about pursuing top customers and their goals.



#2 Be an Owner

The most successful people in any business take ownership of their positions and work and act like they own the company. They make decisions and spend money like an owner. They think, and act, like they own the company.



#1 Be Honest

Top salespeople act with integrity. They never over-promise and always over-deliver. The premise that you have to be dishonest in any way to be a top salesperson is completely false. If you are liked and trusted by your customers, then you are well on your way to becoming a top performer.







Contributed by Michael Mirarchi, Manager of Sales Training at RJ Schinner.









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